We have put together this page to help you navigate the site with the basics. If you need more help please feel free to contact @wewillnotcomplyadmin.


All of the state groups were created by @wewillnotcomplyadmin. If you wish to run your state group feel free to contact @wewillnotcomplyadmin to get it transferred to you.


Forums are a feature of Groups. If you wish to open a forum discussion it will need to be opened from within a new group or an existing group.

An example: If you want to discuss a repair issue with your car, you will need to create a group like Car Repair. Then you can add a forum discussion about your repair issue.


When you register it is possible that your activation e-mail is delivered to your spam or junk folder. Please check them to activate your account.

Home Page/Activity Feed

This is the homepage of the site. The middle section is a sitewide feed of all the activity happening. You can also use the links above the feed to check things such as likes, mentions, and group posts. You can also search the feed for posts. Unlike Twitter, our activity feed includes all public activity. If you wish to only see activity from those you follow you can do that from your profile.

Profile and Timeline

The mid-section of your profile is much like the Activity Feed on the homepage. The one exception is that it is all about you, your connections and those you follow. It is truly personalized.

We Bar/Profile/Account

Blue We-Bar (above) and Profile dropdown (right).

In the upper corners of the site you will be able to find your account information. The blue We-Bar and if you click your profile image a dropdown menu with the same options will appear.

Messaging Members

To message a member simply visit their profile and click the three dots under their image. In the dropdown menu select Send Message.

Public and Private Chat

Chat bubble (above-seen on all pages) Opened chat (right-seen after clicking bubble).
Click Public Chatroom to open the room to the left or click an active member to private message them.